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Well ! I haven't post for a loooooooooooooooooong time !

First, I wanna say thank you to anybody who left a comment on my blog ! Arigatô gozaimasu minna ! ^.^

So whats new ? Uh ?

Well, I will publish soon an article in a french fanzine named "Crusify" about Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon ! A wonderful live action serie that have been broadcasted in Japan and that is finished since 3 or 4 month.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

And to finish, I need your help ! I wanna draw a manga that I would like to publish in "Crusify" but I don't have any story to tell ! So help me to find a story please ! Arigatô ! ^.^

See ya' !

Then, do you know Nasty Guardian Sailor Moon ? It's a parody of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, a South-Park styled cartoon ! I know the creator of this series and I've gave my voice to one of the characters of the act 5 ! ( Sacho, Minako's manager ! )

Today, I went to my boyfriend's house and we had sex for the first time ...

And what ? you'll tell me ...

I'm affraid about AIDS ...

I hope I haven't been contamined, but I think that my boyfriend isn't contamined by AIDS ...

What a life !
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I haven't wrote anything for a long time !

I hope I'll see my boyfriend tomorrow ... but I'm worrying ! I'm so shy with him, I hope I won't hurt him or do something else which would be stupid ... I miss him so much ..............

Oh ! And another thing,on march 2006 I'll go to Bath near London in England ! I'm really happy ! I never went to England !

Here are all the news about me ! Ciao !
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This evening, I made my comming out with my mom and I feel really bad ...
Wanna sleep ...
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I just created a new DevianArt Account :


WARNING : It contain some mature content.


Tomorrow I will may be see my boyfriend, I hope ...
I just can't wait to see and kiss him ! lol
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Today, I went to the Belin ( it's an high school ), there I've got some friends like Mognon, Bambi, Michou and co ! ( These nicknames are so stupids ! lol ).

But I've also got another friend there, called Romaric ( it's no a nickname, it's his real name ! ) We talked for an hour and he said : " Well now I must go to my latin class ! " and I looked at him, he looked at me ( wow ... lol ) and he kissed me !!!!

It was incredible it was just like in a romantic movie ! lol

Now he's my boyfriend, I'm so happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope I'll see him again soon !
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